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american_lass's Journal

Roman Rogers
Roman is the daughter of Steve Rogers and Wanda Maximoff. She's not quite inherited the super soldier serum, but she is hardier than a normal kid, and has never been sick a day in her life. She's recently exhibited some small probability manipulation talents, but it wears her out and it always comes with consequences to her, so she tends to ignore it. She'd like most to take on her Dad's role someday, or be his sidekick at least. She was named for Steve's friend Namor, back from the Invaders. She's just started to wear a costume and go out and fight, it's all very new to her. She does have an older brother who's named James

She's a generally cheerful kid. She's not got angst on the fact her family is all superheroes, she just wishes she could go on dates without Nick Fury having her tailed with SHIELD agents out of sight. She sometimes likes to buy her tails ice cream. It's hell on her allowance budget but it keeps them happy and willing to overlook minor infractions they should report to her Da. She also likes to sketch boys in the park, preferably with their shirts off. She's protective of the other kids who are Avenger kids, and general superhero kids, regarding it as her job to help them out because that's what her Dad would do.

Roman is an OC in the Marvel universe.